Play Mixologist at Home With These 15 Cocktail Kits

One of the perks to living in the 21st century is that everything can be ordered and delivered directly to your door—including bottles of alcohol. Although Bevmo has been dropping off kegs and handles of vodka for years, the pandemic has upped the ante in spirited deliveries. Since many bars were closed for the duration of lockdown, they had to get creative to survive. Bartenders began to batch and bottle premade drinks and assemble and market cocktail kits. 

Needless to say, if you’ve ever wanted to get into mixology, now is the moment to do so. The business of booze is booming, and the offerings are plentiful. Here’s how to get involved: Start small. Invest in the proper tools (a shaker is a must) and build your home bar from there. Get the ingredients you need to make your favorite cocktail, be it an Aperol spritz or Singapore Sling, and then have friends over for happy hour. 

To inspire you to experiment, we’ve rounded up the best cocktail kits below. Ready, set, shake!