Where to Shop the TikTok Favourite Volcanic Face Roller By Revlon

Instagram @@yuliya_beautycaste via @revlonanz

TikTok can really take a relatively popular beauty product and turn it into a global must-have. Look at all of the skincare and makeup trends that have started on the video-sharing app and are now solid parts of people’s beauty routines. The same goes for product recommendations from creators on TikTok.

One such product that was catapulted into international stardom was Revlon’s Face Volcanic Roller. The product, which finally became available in Australia in May last year, is a small device that works to absorb oil from your face, much like blotting paper.

But, this device is far easier to use than blotting paper, as you simply roll the volcanic stone across the oily areas of your face like the T-zone and forehead. The stone absorbs oil quickly and mattifies the skin and can be used before or after makeup application.

The best part is that when used gently across the face it doesn’t disturb your makeup and the handy size means you can carry the Face Volcanic Roller with you and use it during the day when oiliness inevitably strikes. So good!

To make this product even more appealing, it’s also reusable as it can be washed and used again and again, making it the perfect swap for single-use blotting paper. Simply twist the locking ring clockwise to unlock and remove the volcanic stone. Wash with warm water and gentle soap, rinse and allow to air-dry overnight.

So, where can you buy this magical, TikTok-approved product? The Revlon Face Volcanic Roller is available to purchase both in-store and online at Myer, where it retails for $14.95 and Chemist Warehouse, where it retails for $7.47. It’s currently sold out online at Myer, so your best bet is Chemist Warehouse if you want to buy online. You’re welcome!