The Only 8 Jewelry Pieces Your Collection Needs

For some, hoop earrings can feel a bit polarizing—either they’re your thing or they’re not, it seems. If you fall into the second camp, hear us out. Plain metal hoops come in and out of fashion every five to ten years, making it worthwhile to have a staple pair of hoops in your jewelry box at all times. Though trending pairs tend to vary in size and texture, any pick will transcend time—so long as you stick to the archetypal circular shape.

In Black and Latinx communities, hoop earrings hold a deeper meaning, serving as symbols of resilience and strength. Puerto Rican fine jewelry designer Jennifer Zeuner translates this through its butterfly-back earring, which is literally what hoop dreams are made of. For something with a touch more personality that’s just as versatile, Barcelona-founded brand Wilhelmenia Garcia perfects the twisted bijoux trend with these delicious ice cream swirl hoops.