Hit the Slopes In Style with These 14 Ski Outfits That Serve Warmth *and* Looks

Whether you’ve mastered double black diamonds or prefer the social aspect of drinking spiked hot chocolate in the lodge, there’s no denying the giddy rush that comes from a day spent on the mountains. Not only is packing the right gear for your ski getaway extremely important—anyone who has forgotten their gloves knows this to be true—but it’s also just about the most exciting winter activity for the style set. So for your upcoming mountain trip, you’ll want to brush up on some of the best ski outfits, which also happen to be influencer-approved.  

Perhaps your goal is to resemble Princess Diana in the ’80s with bright suits and cool frames. Or maybe you’re itching to make the hills your runway with a full designer snow look. Whatever you have in mind, you’ll want to check out the 14 cute ski outfits for women below for further style guidance. Note: No matter the ensemble you decide on, don’t forget to wear a helmet.