The Most Hilarious Tweets Reacting to Rachael Heading Home on Love Island Australia

Twitter / @_melissamason_

Love Island Australia has been intense this year for the lack of a better word. After skipping two years due to the pandemic, it seems producers over at the show are making sure they deliver the goods, and Monday night’s episode made that evident.

Last night, two girls, both in committed relationships inside the villa, were up for elimination. Something that has never been seen before in the history of the franchise.

Islanders Aaron, Chris and Taku were voted as the ones Australians most wanted to see find love, but unfortunately for Lexy and Rachael, they received the least amount of votes, forcing the three boys to pick who would stay and who would go.

Now, you can always count on Twitter to have an absolute field day, so we’ve rounded up the best tweets.

Rachael was the one that was sent packing, an awkward moment given her boyfriend, Chris, was on the selection committee. Asking Chris whether he would be willing to leave the villa with her, he decided to brutally reject her offer.

I guess finding love but also possibly dealing with heartbreak comes with the territory.