7 Winter Coat Trends That We’re Shopping on Repeat

Winter’s bitter cold always has a way of sneaking up on us. But if you’re here, you’re one to think ahead—and so are we. Upon surveying the runways, a handful of winter coat trends are going to win this season. Among the bunch? Puffer jackets in multiple textures, from the usual (nylon) to the unexpected (corduroy). Typical chill-fighting fabrics like fur and shearling come into play in surprising new ways. We took the liberty of making your shopping spree easier by compiling all of our favorite winter coat finds into one tidy list. 

When shopping for an outerwear piece, style is important, but a focus on warmth and utility needs to also remain at the forefront. Without the practical details, that überchic coat you poached straight from the runways may not get as much wear as you’d hoped. A five-star choice must check all of the necessary boxes, like pockets to stuff gloves in and a high collar when you don’t have a scarf. It may seem like a challenge to find one that does it all without compromising style, but not to despair—we found 42 of them in the new collections alone. Don’t let the single-digit temperatures sneak up on you; keep reading to discover the winter coat trends that you won’t be able to brave the cold without.