13 Soft Sweater Dresses to Keep You Cozy All Winter Long

The moment temperatures drop below 60 degrees, there comes a primal urge to forgo your wardrobe in favor of the sweatsuit (think: loungewear basics, cashmere sets, and everything in between). There’s no wrong approach to weathering the storm that is cooler, colder weather—far be it for us to imply otherwise—but on days you’re obligated to dress up (or whenever you’re tired of the loungewear-as-outerwear on rotation), we have the ideal solution. Sweater dresses: the lovechild of cozy comforts and chic classics. 

True, your legs may be out on display, but there’s nothing a pair of designer-emblazoned or fleece-lined tights can’t fix. Think of the ease! The effortlessness! The warmth! Sweater dresses are what you reach for when you want something that promises insulation while still feeling put together. It’s a one-step, all-inclusive outfit: feel free to accessorize, but more often than not, the dress holds merit all on its own. Ready to get cozy? Ahead is our edit of favorites, featuring the best sweater dresses of the season.