Streamline Your Makeup Routine With Trinny London’s 2-in-1 Lash and Brow Product

We love a multipurpose product around here. Don’t get us wrong, we also live for a well thought out and extensive skincare routine, but time doesn’t always allow for such luxury. And, with more travel (hopefully!) on the horizon for Australians very soon, it’s time to prepare with some multipurpose, travel-friendly beauty staples.

British beauty brand Trinny London is singlehandedly saving space in your makeup bag with its latest creation, called Lash2Brow ($50). While it might sound like one single product that can be used across both your eyelashes and eyebrows, this beauty is actually a two-in-one product.

On one end of the product, there’s a mascara wand and on the other, a tinted brow gel. Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait. On the mascara end, the formula lengthens and volumises lashes without clumping, flaking or smudging. The wand works to separate lashes, while the addition of chestnut extract conditions to leave them looking and feeling healthy.

The brow gel, on the other hand, comes in five shades — light fawn, cool taupe, neutral brown, warm brown and deep brown — and imparts subtle colour into your brows while also adding texture to create a more defined look. Chestnut extract is also present in the gel to condition your precious brow hairs.

The brush head on the gel is a micro-precision tool that allows you to deposit just the right amount of product through your brows, while also styling them at the same time. A quick swipe through will define and fluff up your eyebrows and the formula is quick-drying.

When you’re tight on space or simply want to carry around one dual product rather than two separate ones, this is the way to go — especially if you’re all about richly pigmented black lashes and natural, fluffy brows. And, the dual nature of this product hasn’t affected the quality of the mascara or brow gel, with user raving about the efficacy of both.

“Wow, this mascara is absolutely beautiful,” one reviewer by the name of Verna wrote. “Not too wet, definitely not cloggy, and gives my eyelashes amazing length. Definitely the best mascara I’ve tried. I’ve always been a huge fan of Lancôme mascara but it’s Trinny all the way for me now.

“The eyebrow gel is fantastic too. No more crunchy brows. This gel is a soft set but really kept my brows in place all day. Love both [of] these products.”

There you have it! To snap up a Lash2Brow for yourself, head to the Trinny London website.