Here’s How to Create Thousands of Custom YSL Lipsticks

Next up is Shade Match, which uses an uploaded photo of your bag, shoes, nail polish, hair color, or whatever else you like, and creates a lipstick color that matches it (or something close to it). While you can submit a photo of any “real-life color,” the Rouge Sur Mesure may not be able to reproduce the color, given the current cartridge sets. Even if it can match the color, the shade will still need to be within your cartridge set’s shade family for the device to create it on the spot. Otherwise, you can always save it for later using the My Shade Closet feature. 

Lastly, there’s Shade Stylist, which uses a special algorithm that, in a press release, the brand describes as being “infused with YSL’s color expertise,” to recommend coordinating lip shades for any outfit. Upload a photo of your OOTD, and the Shade Stylist will suggest four shade options from within your cartridge set’s color family: two that match your look and two that “clash.” If none of these options suit you, the app also has a Discovery page, which highlights trending shades within YSL’s online community, as well as colors suggested by the brand.