Did You Hear …? Kravis is Engaged, The Bachelorette Kicks Off and Other Top Stories

The Bachelorette Australia aired its first episode on Wednesday night, and wow, what a stunning start. Starring Brooke Blurton as the first Indigenous and pansexual Bachelorette, the current season is historical for the franchise. In a move that has never been done before, both men and women are present in the mansion this year, hoping for a place in the 26-year-old’s heart.

We’ve already seen the contestants walk the red carpet, have placed bets as to who will be the last person standing, and in true bachie fashion, the drama has kicked off from the very first episode. It’s petty, it’s intense but as viewers, we just can’t seem to look away. This is Brooke’s third time on a reality show, first appearing on Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor, and then later on Bachelor In Paradise. Let’s hope the third time’s a charm.

But the best part about watching The Bachelorette every Wednesday and Thursday is the memes and tweets that come out of it. As viewers, there are moments during the show where we collectively think, “WTF?”, and it’s nice to see those thoughts hilariously illustrated on the internet. While we’re all rooting for Brooke to find her lifelong love, we can’t help but share the funniest posts we spotted after the show finished airing.

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