13 Jasmine Perfumes That Put a Sensual Spin on Floral

As fragrances lovers, we stack our vanities with everything from warm sandalwoods to sweet vanillas to fresh floral gardenias. But today, we’re talking about jasmine. This tiny white flower is one of the most-used blooms in the fragrance world. Along with rose, it’s also one of the oldest notes in perfume history. The floral is an aphrodisiac known for its sensual qualities.

Jasmine is typically added to fragrances to provide a fuller, more sultry floral aroma. Instead of highlighting perfumes that put jasmine in a supportive role, we’re drawing attention to the fragrances that put it in the spotlight. Whether you prefer to smell like a bouquet of blossoms or you’d like something less floral-forward, there’s a jasmine perfume you’ll adore. From classic florals to more niche finds, these are the best jasmine perfumes that will land a top spot in your scent wardrobe.