Size Inclusivity Is Just Fashion’s Latest Fad, Says Spring 2022’s Plus-Size Models

Beyond displaying inclusivity, brands can do themselves a favor by ensuring people of all sizes are represented offstage as well. “Once everything looks diverse, not just what’s on camera or on the runway, then it’s true diversity,” says Jaye.

While all three models agree that a significant amount of change is still needed, they all emphasize being grateful to be included in the movement thus far, no matter how long it might take. “I’ve learned not to change the game, but to change the way the game is being played and if that means it might take a little bit longer for me to get there, then that’s okay,” says Pome’e.

Despite frustrations, Davies reminds us that going slow and steady will win this race. “We have to give companies and brands the opportunities to prove themselves to us. For me personally, at least they’re starting to open that door, now let’s see if they can pull through and finish it.”

“It’s a great start; I’m excited to see more diverse runways this year. [Brands:] just do what you say you’re gonna do, then we’ll go from there. There’s no telling,” says Davies, “only time can tell to see people’s true intentions.”