Did You Hear? … Adele is Back, Billie Eilish is Heading Down Under and Other Top Stories

The Queen is back! Adele released a snippet of her first song on Twitter after a six-year hiatus.

I can’t believe it’s been six whole years since we were blessed with Hello, but moving on. The 21-second black-and-white snippet shows the star putting a cassette with the song’s title, Easy On Me, into a car stereo. We also get to hear the song’s instrumental introduction, which goes for 13 seconds. It’s obvious Adele knew we wouldn’t be able to wait after she made the official announcement, which is why she’s releasing the song on Friday, October 15.

Fans have been speculating her return after a projection of the number 30 appeared in different places around the world. There were also rumours circulating on Twitter. The clip, which features the 33-year-old’s signature winged liner, was watched six million times in the first hour.

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