Okay, We’ve Changed Our Minds: Carrie & Big Forever

In preparation for the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That…, I re-watched all six show seasons and two movies and was convinced that I didn’t like Carrie and Mr. Big together anymore.

When I first watched SATC as a blossoming teen, Mr. Big was my naive idea of the perfect man: powerful, handsome, aloof and emotionally unavailable. But as a now-26-year-old, I felt differently. Perhaps it was because I binged all six seasons in a few weeks, but the Carrie and Big relationship made me feel emotionally drained.

Why was Carrie constantly throwing herself at a guy who gave her nothing in return? We’ve all dated someone who breaks your heart, but then proceeds to show up as soon as you start to get over them. It’s relatable content, but also kind of hard to watch.

Watching Carrie and Big’s dysfunctional relationship made my (slightly more) grown-up adult self internally scream. “Come on, girl, you deserve more,” I thought.

Here’s this independent woman who works for herself and writes about sex and pushes the boundaries of what was acceptable at the time, allowing so much of her identity and worth to be measured on a man who can’t give her what she needs.

But, now that we’ve seen a little sneak peek of Carrie and Big’s relationship in And Just Like That… with a trailer drop on Instagram and a premiere month reveal (it’s coming out in December FYI), I think I might have changed my mind.

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Regardless of all the questionable behaviour, there’s just something about seeing Carrie and Big kiss and dance in the kitchen that makes my heart flutter.

It’s the hopeless romantic in me; the girl who loves to indulge in cliche unrealistic romance stories. I mean, complicated love stories are written about for a reason, right? They suck you in, and I’m not that mad about it.

We all want our messed up and confusing but intoxicating relationships to mean something. When we find ourselves going back to someone time and time again, regardless of how either of you has behaved, it’s much more satisfying for the reason to be legit true love, than something more sinister, like emotional manipulation.

Although most of the time it’s never that simple and it’s absolutely not okay to tolerate bad behaviour; it’s nice to dream. And if we want to slip into the beautifully curated world of And Just Like That…, and give the good, old ‘Happily Ever After’ of it all, then I think that’s okay.