If Summer Was a Shoe, It Would Be a Versatile Sneaker

Designed with breathability and comfort in mind, summer sneakers are a seasonal palette cleanser for the clunkier fur-lined iterations donned during the winter months. Functionality aside, these classic trainers offer something that we all crave: ease. Because if we’re being honest, summer is less of a season and more of an event. With the sun acting as a proverbial spotlight, Instagram becomes an all-you-can-eat buffet of #vacation posts and summer dates. But what people don’t see is the panic-infused mornings screaming “these shoes don’t match my outfit.” 

Thankfully, summer sneakers can keep the what-to-wear panic at bay. Whether you opt for all-white tennis shoes or retro-inspired runners, these versatile silhouettes and bright hues are suitable for any outfit and occasion—in fact, we can already picture you basking in the sun in these.