This Week’s Best Instagram Looks Are a Lesson in Personal Style

Welcome to Best Instagram Looks of the Week—your recurring dose of social media-fueled style inspiration, mined from fashion models, Hollywood’s finest, and everyone in between.

This week, all the top fashion-forward moments that graced social media had one theme in common: personal style. On paper, it’s a simple notion—one that involves us getting up in the morning and consciously deciding how we should decorate our appearance, picking between chunky sweaters or cut-out tops, denim or wool pants. Like most things, though, the trouble lies in execution. What if you don’t know your style? Or, what if you did and now you want to change it?

When this happens, it’s important to remember there is no linear path to your unique aesthetic. Some days you can be riding high in Bottega Veneta heels; others, you may be keeping it casual in a pair of designer sneakers. Breathe, and remember everyone is on their own journey—even the beau monde. Below, see how the style set is navigating the world of dressing, one Instagram post at a time.