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On Tuesday night’s episode of SAS Australia, Jett Kenny, son of former Olympians Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny, opened up about the death of his sister Jaimi.

Jaimi Kenny tragically passed in September 2020 at the age of 33, with her parents announcing at the time that the cause of death was a “long-term illness”.

Jett candidly opened up on the show, revealing his sister’s mental health, and her death had impacted him in a major way.

Speaking to the group, Jett said he constantly feels as if he isn’t “good enough”.

“I set my standards very high. But if I don’t get them I put it all back on myself, and I let that affect me heaps, I guess a way I became like that was with my sister.”

He continued to tell his story, saying his sister struggled with her mental health for 15 years, but it was hard for him to understand at the time.

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