Is Mejuri Jewelry Worth It? Our Senior Fashion Editor Investigates

In terms of care, Mejuri suggests removing sterling silver and gold vermeil pieces before exercising, washing your hands, and showering. For its 14-karat gold pieces, its advice is to store them in a safe, dry place when not worn, as exposure to everyday irritants can eventually wear down the sheen of the piece.

When I test jewelry, I first follow all care instructions to the letter. Then, I test each piece the way a rulebreaker would: wearing pieces to the gym, in the shower, and everywhere in between. This was especially apt for this test—everyday jewelry brands like Mejuri are intended to be lived in, not taken off every few hours. 

While sweat and moisture are known to degrade both gold vermeil and sterling silver metals, Mejuri’s pieces didn’t tarnish in the slightest under these circumstances. The integrity and sheen of the gold hoops and sterling silver chain (shown above) remained intact after several soaks and gym sessions. That’s not to say that you should throw its care instructions out the window—but you can go in with a bit more confidence, should you forget to remove them before your next shower or sweat session.