Add Some Designer to Your Outfit With These Slightly Less Exxy Gucci Pieces

Sometimes you just want a little bit of luxe fashion with your outfit, right? Like yes, we’re not rich and we’re not expecting to become an overnight icon and be gifted head-to-toe designer, but we can still appreciate the little things.

If you’re like me and half your wardrobe is from op-shops, it can be nice to contrast your secondhand finds with some top-end designers to tie your outfit together.

Gucci is by far one of the best fashion houses for accessories with bold branding. Whether it’s a shade of lipstick, a GG belt or some branded mules, everyone will always know you’re wearing Gucci right away—and we’re not going to pretend we don’t love being that girl.

Here’s a roundup of our favourite semi-affordable Gucci pieces that are guaranteed to spice up any outfit.