Hype or Holy Grail: Is Peter Thomas Roth’s Viral Eye-Firming Cream Just TikTok Trickery?

I tested the Instant FIRMx eye cream on my 11 lines and crow’s feet on clean, dry skin. In a matter of 30 seconds, I could see my skin tightening up. I could also feel it tightening, like a layer of Elmer’s Glue drying on my skin. I used way too much. The entire day my eye area felt like it was in a mummified cast, unable to move. I eventually washed the product off and vowed to use just a tiny amount the next day.

On day two, after cleansing, I applied moisturizer on my face and made sure it was completely dried and fully absorbed before applying the Instant FIRMx eye cream. This time, using a clean makeup brush, I applied a thin layer of the product, and, to my surprise, it worked just as well as the day before, but without the uncomfortable cast-like feeling. My 11 lines and crow’s feet vanished, leaving my skin looking smooth and glass-like.

I dabbed the rest of my face with concealer and foundation (they are water-based so I made sure to avoid the treated area) and then set my entire face with my go-to setting powder. This helps unify the texture of my complexion, so you can’t tell what part is tightened and what part is not.

And I know what you’re thinking: Can I use this eye cream on other parts of the body, like a saggy neck or post-partum belly? According to the brand, this eye cream is ophthalmologist-tested and specifically formulated for the thinner, delicate, and less porous skin around your eye area. “As such, we recommend that you only use this product as directed—on the under-eye area, crow’s feet, 11 lines between the brows, and beneath and above the brow bone, but not on the moveable eyelid,” notes a brand rep.