Gentlemen, It’s Time to Refresh Your Pajama Rotation

Admit it. It’s not a crisp glass of wine or a luxury throw you look forward to after a day of the old rise and grind—it’s your pajamas. From seductive silk to tartan prints, pajamas are the comfortable haven we turn to when denim feels a bit too stiff for lounging at home and when tracksuits just aren’t cutting it. Our relationship with the beloved garment is so much more than a quick outfit change: as children, the uniform signaled the conclusion of the day’s adventures. Today, they’re our go-to Sunday companion for when we’re feeling a bit worse for wear. (We told you to skip that extra cocktail.)

Like any good relationship, a refresh is sometimes needed to remind you why you got together in the first place. Whether you prefer a classic two-piece set per Desmond & Dempsey or streetwear-inspired shorts courtesy of Balenciaga, below we have handpicked the best men’s pajamas to carry you from night to morning in style.