Head to the Dark Side With These 13 Bold Plum Lipsticks

Once September rolls around, there’s a consensus that sweater weather has begun. We trade our iced coffees for PSLs and swap our summer sandals for chunky boots. But those aren’t the only aesthetic things we look forward to when cooler temps hit. There’s an unspoken rule that dark lipstick is reserved for autumn. While beauty rules are meant to be broken—and you can wear these vampy hues all 365 days of the year—there’s something about slicking on a deep berry or brick brown that makes us feel cozy inside.

However, there’s a particularly succulent lipstick color that we’re looking forward to wearing this year: plum. This juicy shade—which falls somewhere between purple and scarlet—is the moody addition we crave in our makeup routines come fall. Offered in a multitude of finishes, formulas, and textures ranging from sheer to opaque, there are many options to choose from. To narrow down your search for the perfect plum, we sifted through the beauty sphere to find our top picks. From true luscious plums to audacious aubergines, these are the best plum lipsticks to vamp up your lip look.