See the Most Jaw-Dropping Looks from the 2021 Met Gala

Every year, the who’s who in fashion, entertainment, and pop culture don not just clothing, but works of wearable art in celebration of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Benefit, more commonly known as the Met Gala. The exclusive, invite-only event has become the most talked-about night in fashion, thanks to grand entrances, noteworthy reveals, and over-the-top looks that only belong, well, on the steps of the Met. It’s an unparalleled moment for celebs and cultural icons to pull out all the stops—especially since each year there is a theme that corresponds with the Costume Institute’s exhibit.

2021’s much-anticipated Met Gala comes on the heels of New York fashion week, after being postponed from its usual date in early May. This year’s theme: “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”, champions U.S. designers and the way they reflect identity in our country. It’s all about inviting new celebrations of diversity and inclusion into the fashion space and being mindful of the evolution and cultural impact of our clothing. 

As Andrew Bolton, the Wendy Yu Curator in charge of the Costume Institute told Vogue. “I really do believe that American fashion is undergoing a renaissance. I think young designers, in particular, are at the vanguard of discussions about diversity and inclusion, as well as sustainability and transparency, much more so than their European counterparts, maybe with the exception of the English designers.”

Since we were deprived of a Met gala last year, we’ve anxiously awaited to see who would be named “best dressed” on our list. Of course, we were prepared for bold, daring looks. But many of these exceeded our expectations. From actors to athletes to activists, these are the best fashion moments from the 2021 Met gala, in our humble opinion.