18 Beauty Subscription Boxes Worth Signing Up For

Don’t you just love it when you receive a package on your doorstep, not knowing what it contains? That’s why we’re big fans of subscription boxes. You get loads of goodies shipped to you on a regular basis, and you don’t have to waste time dodging crowded lines or even getting dressed. (We prefer to stay in our silk pajamas, thank you very much). In addition to the luxury of convenience, subscription boxes are an excellent way to test new products without making a huge commitment. And when it comes to beauty products, testing the latest and greatest at your local Sephora may not be an option during these COVID times.

That’s where subscription beauty boxes come in. An exciting way to reset your makeup bag if your go-to products have been feeling a bit overused, these beauty box programs offer curated selections of top-selling serums, pigmented eyeshadows, and tantalizing perfumes. And the best part? They are often personalized based on your specific likes (after a short quiz, of course). Take it from us: These beauty subscription boxes are worth signing up for.