Valentino Couture and Cottagecore Ruled in This Week’s Best Instagram Looks

Another day, another dollar. Another week, another batch of the Best Instagram Looks of the Week to get inspiration from. 

We don’t believe in the signs, but there’s something to be said about having a Beyoncé post appear at the top of your Instagram feed. It’s like finding a three-leaf clover or seeing a shooting star: lucky. In true Bey style, she didn’t just give us a singular post—it was a fashion show. Making the growing candy pink trend her own, the singer paired Versace’s Satin Platform Pumps with a seductive black halterneck dress that complemented her curvaceous frame. The fun didn’t end there: Bey topped the look with a fuchsia silk throw-on and a pair of Oval-frame Plastic Sunglasses that told us to get our wardrobes in f-o-r-m-a-t-i-o-n. 

It was a message received loud a clear by rapper Big Sean, who looked ever the dapper gentleman in a striped Zegna suit and a Goyard trunk. It felt like a glimpse at the suiting trends will be graced with at the Meta Gala in two weeks, so be sure to add this style to your mood boards in preparation If you do choose to emulate the look, be sure to invest in a cashmere-blend camel coat and drape it over your shoulders. On the other side of the ocean, British singer Florence Welch went for pared-back glamour for her low-key birthday celebration. Her burnt orange prairie dress is a picture of whimsical joy, nodding to the cottagecore trend that just won’t quit. If you’re looking to shop the trend, Shona Joy makes a near-dupe of Welch’s gown that’s sure to ease your transition from summer to fall.