Nail Your Messy Bun With This TikTok Tutorial

Getty Images

TikTok is a haven for hacks — especially in the beauty world. There are tips on how to quickly blend eyeshadow, ways to fake a jawline with makeup and the mixing of two skincare products that result in botox in a bottle. If you’re after beauty tips and tricks, TikTok is full of them.

The latest hack we’re copying is from TikTok user @quintymirjam, who is a Dutch ‘HairTok’ creator. This basically means that much of her content revolves around hair and easy ways to manage and style it. The tutorial that piqued our interest involves styling a messy bun.

How many times have you tried to create a messy bun and it doesn’t look quite right? In our experience, our messy bun always looks great just before we’re about to wash our hair. Why is that a thing?! This method makes styling a messy bun easy and you’re pretty much guaranteed an attractive style every time.

As @quintymirjam demonstrates, you start by pulling your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head. Then, pop the hair tie over the ponytail as normal, then twist the tie and move half of your ponytail through it. Stop here, then put your hand through the tie, grab the middle of your hair and pile it on top of your head. Continue to wrap the hair around to form the bun and secure it with the hair tie.

Now, that probably sounds super convoluted so please enjoy the visual tutorial below. The creator has posted multiple iterations of this hack after commenters asked her to slow down the tutorial as they couldn’t catch up. This slower version below allows you to see clearly how she masters the messy bun again and again. Good luck!