10 Luxury Stationery Brands That Push the Envelope

Most times you check your mailbox, it’s the same old, same old: bills, credit card statements, and maybe a flier or two from a local real estate agent. However, some days you check it, and there’s the complete opposite: a hand-addressed letter from a friend or family member. Although somewhat rare, hand-written letters are instant pick-me-ups—the diamonds in the roughs of our often-monotonous digital and IRL inboxes.

While every hand-written note is something to treasure, high-end stationery pushes them into keepsake territory. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite luxury stationery brands that will elevate all of your written correspondence and act as the centerpiece for all of your favorite desk accessories. From heritage houses that have been creating custom paper goods for centuries to newer artists who have brought fresh ideas to the market, these brands produce everything you need to create a well-rounded stationery collection. Stock up, and you just might find yourself utilizing the mail more often.