7 Acqua di Parma Fragrances, Ranked by a Perfume Lover

As evidenced by Acqua di Parma’s founding story, it’s practically illegal to talk about the brand without paying homage to its first fragrance, famously unveiled in Parma in 1916. A century’s worth of history is packed into the citrusy, earthy scent. But beyond its background, its lightweight, aromatic fragrance is, simply put, delicious, composed of addictive notes of lemon, bergamot, and patchouli.

Despite its masculine origins, Colonia is a classic and compelling smell that I, along with thousands (millions?) of female fragrance aficionados, spray on for dinner dates, work meetings, parties—you name it. If you’re looking for a fresh, genderless scent that lasts all day, this is it, making it my top must-have pick from the brand.