8 Facial Steamers Guaranteed to Give You at-Home Spa Feels

“The main benefit of facial steamers is that the heat from the steam increases blood circulation, helping to bring a greater supply of nutrients and oxygen to our skin cells, and removes waste,” says Herbert. He notes that steam can also soften the upper layers of the skin, which allows for greater penetration of your favorite skincare products. “Serums can work more effectively as the number of active ingredients acting in the lower layers of the skin is increased,” he adds. Pro tip: Apply your skincare products immediately after your steam session to trap in the hydration.

But make note: Too much of a good thing can cause problems.

Herbert explains that the steam’s heat can significantly increase the chance of irritation, leading to redness and inflammation. Our skin produces natural oils for a reason (to help preserve the skin barrier), and by stripping them, you may damage your skin’s delicate moisture barrier, leading to other issues like dehydration and breakouts. Therefore, experts recommend using facial steamers in moderation (once a week for five minutes is enough) and paying close attention to how your skin reacts when doing so. If you do begin to notice redness, inflammation, or irritation, immediately stop using your facial steamer and consult your dermatologist.