Yes, Designer Snow Boots Are a Thing—These 17 Are Topping Our List

Fact: your outfits have greater potential in the wintertime. For starters, there’s the long list of cold-weather accessories that are required just to get from point A to point B comfortably. Add to that, the crop of cool layering techniques that we don’t necessarily have a chance to refine during summer months. It’s a recipe for a high-risk, high reward outfit situation—one that we’re well-prepped for after a year of rounding out our cozy knitwear collections. This season, designers gave a boost to one of the less conventionally stylish elements of our winter wardrobes: snow boots. 

If (and when) your sleek sneakers and high-end mules have been put away for the season, you have our permission to start bookmarking some more functional, seasonally appropriate winter shoe styles. Whether your locale is known to get blistering snowstorms, or if you’re just prepping to take on the slush-lined sidewalks of Aspen, labels from Fendi to Dior are prepared to give your utilitarian shoe game a high-fashion twist. Presenting: our edit of the chicest snow boots for Winter 2021, all of which you’ll lament having to put away this spring. Shop the best of the best ahead.