The Bachelor Recap: Brooke’s Dark Return Told in 6 Tweets

We’ve made it to the 10th episode of The Bachelor, and I cannot believe I’ve done 10 of these recaps.

We start out with the girls having to compete for Jimmy’s love by completing a wipe-out style obstacle course.

I don’t care if it’s Chris Hemsworth on the other end, there is no freaking way I’m putting myself through a triathlon.

Anyway, Jay is in the lead but ends up giving Ash her advantage and this is the moment Jimmy starts to project his insecurities.

He’s questioning if Jay wants to be with him at all, and the truth is Jimmy, Jay is a nice person. Stop reading into it.

Ash wins and gets to go on a single date.

Moving on.

Jimmy and Carlie are on a date and they’re designing matching couple tattoos that are as temporary as their relationship.

They end up drawing some weird compass on each other’s bodies with a Sharpie and I find myself telling Carlie that she deserves so much better.

At the cocktail party, everyone is feeling a little run down, and it’s probably because Stephanie is gone and there’s no more entertainment left.

At this point, we’re hoping for anything to come save the show, and just like that, Osher appears.

“Jimmy,” he pants, sounding as if he’s about to collapse at any moment. “I’m gonna need you to come with me, right now.”

Jimmy returns with Brooke which wasn’t a huge surprise since it was revealed the night before that she’ll be making an appearance.

But this Brooke is different … she’s dark. She says her deceased grandparents have given her superpowers to attract Jimmy and IDK about you guys but that just feels … wrong.

Lily starts crying because she knows she has no chance now that Brooke has returned.

At the rose ceremony, Laura ends up going home.

Cya next week!