These 7 Workwear Brands Are Reinterpreting Business Casual for the New Normal

Odds are, your go-to work-from-home outfit formula over the past 12-plus months has consisted of something like a luxe blouse and dainty necklaces (for the sake of Zoom meetings) coupled with a cozy below-the-keyboard situation like sweatpants or sleep shorts. But, perhaps your office is opening up in the near future, or you’re in need of a style refresh for your 9-to-5 remote job. Either way, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with some of the best workwear brands in the industry to get your wardrobe in tip-top shape for the office—even if that still means taking Zoom meetings in your living room for a bit longer.

Dressing up for work looks a lot different in 2021 than it did ten years ago. Whereas tailored suiting and formal footwear have been de rigueur in office wear for decades, today’s designers are moving the needle on what counts as business attire, offering a slew of relaxed styles that are functional for every field. The masses are on board, too: women are trading in heels for more comfortable silhouettes, such as chunky loafers or even minimal white sneakers. And while, yes, you can still stick to a polished power suit, you also have the option to keep things a bit more casual if that’s your speed. (Relaxed blazers and trousers from The Frankie Shop are encouraged.) Depending on the office environment and industry, you can probably get away with bottoms like straight-leg jeans or slip skirts, too—just be sure to tie in a blazer to strike a balance between casual and composed.

No matter your personal or professional style, these seven brands have everything needed to bring your uniform to the next level.