Hit Your Style Sweet Spot with 3 Looks from Tory Sport

As any tennis aficionado knows, a match point scenario is one in which the next point can decide the winner, and Tory Sport’s new High-Rise Sculpt Compression Chevron Leggings are sure to score. Their sleek, modern design promises to make them the star player of any active look, which is why I had to try them myself. 

At first glance, the classic navy hue and bright chevron details of these leggings inspired me to pair them with a white V-neck tee and trainers for my morning coffee run. The weather in New York has been unpredictable over the last few weeks, oscillating between hot and humid and uncharacteristically cool, so I trusted that the four-way stretch material would be breathable and sturdy enough to match whatever conditions awaited outside. My intuition was correct; I felt perfectly comfortable outdoors despite the muggy air and cloudy skies. Returning home, I swapped my tee for a silky blouse and admired the way these leggings supported my waist-up workday look through several Zoom meetings. No matter my position, the waistband didn’t fold once. 

My leggings still felt fresh after a full day’s wear, so I decided to throw on a tank top and running shoes before heading to the park for a late-afternoon jog. Whether it was the rush of wearing new workout clothes or the smooth compression material of my leggings, I felt energized to make the most of every step. I even received a few compliments on my look while picking up groceries on my way home! The best thing about these leggings is how they stay cool to the touch, even when you’re working up a sweat. Thanks to their flattering cut and timeless appeal, I’ll be making them my go-to piece for many active days to come.