6 Trending Shoes for Women Who Know How to Make an Entrance

We’ll get to the point (sorry, we had to): pointed-toe shoes are back on-trend. The antithesis of square-toe boots, pointed-toe shoes don’t cut your outfit short, instead, they work to extend it creating an exaggerated appearance for nights when you wish to command a room. This is most notable in Khaite’s Volos Point-Toe Thigh-High Leather Boots where the low-heel and extended toe-point create an elongated effect. While those with a taller frame may be put off by the lengthening properties of these shoes, we’re here to put your mind at ease, as a pointed-toe shoe is an easy way to perfect a cohesive look. Take, for instance, Jil Sander’s Pointed Leather Ankle Boots: when paired with a skirt and turtle neck of the same color palette, a seamless look of unfaltering sophistication transpires. This is perfect for when you need an elegant outfit that requires minimal effort.