10 Sandalwood Perfumes That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Wrapped in Cashmere

While sandalwood comes from a tree, it’s not necessarily an overpowering woodsy scent. It’s a multifaceted mix of sweet, earthy, floral, smokey, and spicy notes. If that’s a bit confusing to imagine, just think warm and comforting—like snuggling under a down-filled blanket during a rolling thunderstorm. It’s the type of scent that is ideal for colder months when the air is crisp and you’re camped out next to the fireplace. Also, do you know how adding salt to a recipe can give a dish more umami (even in desserts)? Well, adding sandalwood to a blend of other notes does the same thing. It has a chameleon-like ability to add nuance and warmth without overpowering the other ingredients.