Get Back to Basics With These 13 Minimalist Clothing Brands

In a way, we should have predicted this. Much like this trend’s first arrival, it appeared off the back of logomania, a monogram infused-aesthetic that dominated the late ’90s  and early ’00s. But the fallout of the 2008 economic crash (which happened to be the same year Philo joined Celine) signaled a change in tide; one where loud prints and overt branding took a back seat to a subdued minimalist wardrobe. Fast-forward, and it’s happening again—minimalism is the taking lead in the fashion tango. 

It was Kim Jones’ reintroduction of Dior’s oblique pattern in 2019 that reignited our fascination with maximalist dressing, encouraging many brands to include fresh monograms into their ready-to-wear collections (see Versace’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection). However even with desires to embody the roaring ’20s notion of extravagance and buy “FF” Fendi Baguettes once more, the reality is this uncompromising wardrobe doesn’t quite fit with the cottagecore way of life we all adopted a few months ago. So naturally, Philo is staging her return. 

Joined by contemporaries like The Row, whose uniform of plain white tees and technical tailoring has become a favorite amongst Kendall Jenner and Zoë Kravitz, Philo has started to lay the groundwork for dressing the Philophiles (yes, that’s the moniker given to her committed followers) of the future. But 2022 is a long way away, and building the perfect foundational wardrobe shouldn’t be a waiting game. To make your dreams a reality, we’ve rounded up the 13 best minimalist brands of the moment, whose signature pieces will see you through the seasons in all their simple, understated glory.