How to Master French Girl Beauty This Bastille Day

Getty Images

The allure of French beauty is great. The undone, effortless style of French people is one that we have tried to emulate for years. When it comes to French girl beauty, we’re talking about red lipstick, a subtle smoky eye and hair that looks like you’ve just rolled out of bed, but in the best way.

While we might not be French by birth, that doesn’t stop us from channelling the French approach to beauty, which is all about striking the balance between relaxed and put together. If you’re just as captivated by the French beauty ethos as we are, consider trying to incorporate some of these French brands into your life. And, there’s no better day to do this than Bastille Day — France’s National Day.

From hair to lips, these are the French products we reach for to create the classic French beauty aesthetic.