How to Get Longer, Fuller-Looking Hair in Less Than 5 Minutes (Yes, Way)

If your hair lacks length and volume, you don’t have to go through life corralling thin, limp locks into a sad-looking pony. The solution: Clip-in hair extensions. They sound easy enough—clipping in extra hair to give your existing strands some much-needed oomph, but are they too good to be true? Do they look natural? And more importantly, will they fall out after a few hours of wear? Don’t worry—we’re here to let you know that clip-ins are the key to instant glam, and yes, they really are that easy to use. As celebrity hairstylist, Bradley Leake tells us, “I love clip-in extensions because they allow me to quickly and easily change up my clients’ length, add volume, and change their hairstyle with minimal commitment.”

Even better: Unlike traditional extensions, you don’t need to go to a salon to reap the benefits. There are plenty of easy-to-use options available to try from the comfort of your home. With styles ranging from natural hair to synthetic or a mix of both, choosing the best clip-in extensions all comes down to your hair type and desired look. Not sure where to start? Ahead, with the help of celebrity hairstylists, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about clip-in hair extensions, how to use them, and the best options to help you achieve the Ariana Grande–level hair of your dreams.