How to Wear “Bottega Green,” aka 2021’s Breakout Color Trend

Everyone seems to be going green these days. Sustainability has a part in that, yes, but we’re talking about the avalanche of clover-colored bags, shoes, shirts, and skirts that the beau monde have seamlessly adopted into their wardrobes over the past several months. It’s brighter than an emerald, but “green”-er than your muted olive hues—it’s what the masses have come to refer to as “Bottega green.” Whether labeled ‘grass,’ ‘parakeet,’ or otherwise, the brand’s summer-ready shade set a larger color trend into motion, one that’s compelled even the most ardent minimalists to break their strict neutrals-only rule.

Let’s state the obvious: as a color, green is not exactly as versatile as your favorite red lip or your best pair of blue jeans, making its rise into the mainstream style space as unlikely as ever. It does make sense once you understand its beginnings, which can be traced to one seminal talent: Daniel Lee. Since taking the helm at Bottega Veneta in 2019, Lee has imbued each of his collections with greens in varying shapes, shades and sizes. Its total takeover wasn’t until the label’s Spring/Summer 2021 presentation, for which Lee sent a throng of matching wares down the runway, all doused in the same standout green hue. Since then, the shade has become referential to Bottega as a brand, in the same way that Robin’s Egg Blue is tied to Tiffany & Co, or Orange to Hermès.