Is TikTok’s Toothbrush Hack the Secret to Bushy, Bold Eyebrows?

Instagram @cartiamallan

While the idea of putting soap in your brows feels normal now, the first time this trend became popular, it caused some raised eyebrows (literally!). These days, soap brows are the status quo in the world of eyebrows, with beauty enthusiasts wanting to achieve bushy, bold brows with little effort. The latest eyebrow trend to takeover TikTok? Toothbrush brows.

Now, as you can probably guess, the toothbrush is used to brush up the eyebrow hair and create a fluffy, defined look. It basically works as a huge spoolie. We first saw this technique executed by TikTok user Betty Castillo, whose toothbrush brow tutorial video has 3.8 million views.

Castillo demonstrates this technique by drawing her brows on with a pencil. She creates quite a dark, bold line for her brows and then takes a toothbrush, which she uses to smooth out the pencil and make it look more natural, before using it to brush up her brow hairs.

Then, Castillo takes a makeup wipe to perfect the edges of her eyebrows and pops a little concealer underneath to finish. While the technique is a little chaotic, the end result isn’t bad. In fact, the Tarte Cosmetics team tried this technique on their TikTok account and had similarly bold, bushy brows as a result. In saying that, Tarte’s team member did remark that they had to “trust the process” halfway through when things were looking a little wild.

While we probably won’t be changing our brow routine dramatically off the back of this video, we are definitely intrigued and will be trying this out ASAP. We’re always here for fun new brow tips and tricks.

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