Styling Tips For 11 Different Events

For a lot of us, it is fun to put together a party outfit but the process of navigation through different dress codes is often troublesome. You may have several social events like dinner parties and cocktails to attend but how often do you have to dress up for the black-tie or white-tie events? You may also come across invites that ask you to come in your best festive wear or outdoor elegant. It is ideal to plan a stylish look for the scenario but you must be able to differentiate between different event types. There are also themed events and how do you dress up for them now?

If you are often confused about what to wear to a formal event or a semi-formal event, you are not alone. You can easily find the right outfit and pair it with accessories that can do the job. But it is important to keep the event or the theme in mind when picking an outfit. You do not want to end up wearing casuals at a formal event. If you are not sure about the event, contact the host and ask for more information to decide what to wear. 

Let’s go through a breakdown of every special occasion dress code to help you pick the right attire for the event. Remember to always pick what is comfortable for you. It is important to be yourself and choose comfort over everything else. Pick pieces that make you feel the most confident. 

  1. Black tie event

A black-tie event is about your best formal wear. It includes the tuxedos and the classy gowns. Ideally, you need to wear black at the event. Although there has been an evolution over the years to allow festive colors but it is best to enter the event in black. It could be a gala or an evening where you must dress your best. Consider luxurious fabrics, full-length hemlines, and a special touch of lace. It is best to wear formal dresses and not go all out with bold bags or shoes. If you are not fond of dresses, you can choose a well-tailored pantsuit to fit the bill. 

2.  White tie event

A white tie event is for the fanciest attire but the dress code remains formal. It could be a world-class event to attend. You need to think of yourself walking on the red carpet and always be ready for a close-up. You must consider evening gowns for white tie events and choose elegant designs with beading or appliqués. Always ensure that the gown is well-fitted by an expert and have a perfect finish with hair and makeup. 

3.  Black-Tie or Formal

When you receive a black-tie optional or a formal dress code, the question is whether you should tie or not. You can opt for the black-tie formal outfit but you also have a little flexibility with the dress code. It is important to have an elegant and complete look but you can express your personality freely. Consider textures and prints in luxury fabrics or opt for sophisticated solids that allow an ideal chance to accessorize. 

4. Semi-formal

A semi-formal or cocktail attire is a chance to experiment with more colors and silhouettes. Consider easy separates or short-length dresses and maxi dresses. Try to make a statement by opting for a dressier look. You can also consider a cocktail dress having puff sleeves with volume to get a playful look. Semi-formal attire is very little about what to wear and a lot more about the attitude. Opt for unique designs and details. You can try a short hemline to show off the bold, classic shoe. 

5.  Smart casual

The smart casual is a little laid back and is mostly applied to professional events or networking events. Wearing a full-length gown might be a lot so just opt for short dresses. You want to look your best even in casuals so pick the right pair and ensure it fits well. There is nothing as disappointing as ill-fitted clothes. The key is accessorizing right. Consider classics like elegant flats and pumps. You can also wear sandals with a casual, dressy look. 

6.  Enter as you are

This is a very confusing dress code and it leaves a lot to the interpretation of the guests. The dress code can be casual but still not very casual. You need to understand the occasion before picking the outfit. Want to enter the party in gothic style clothing? Speak to the host and get details about the event and location, you can then put together a look. Consider a casual, put-together, and chic look. Pick a poplin dress and pair it with basic sandals and a smart t-shirt with jeans for men. Wear what you feel the most comfortable in. You need to be confident and feel good. 

7.  Festive

Few occasions like birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries call for festive attire that is fun and quirky. You can wear anything that brings out the best in you. You can consider the details of the event like the season or location to help pick the best clothes and fabrics. You can pick anything from the maxis to midis and minis. Pick light fabrics and colors like chiffon in summer and velvet in cool months. Consider pastels for spring while jewel toned shades for the cooler months. Pair your favorite accessories with the attire and you are ready to rock.

8.  Holiday festive

When it comes to holiday festive, it is slightly different from standard festive and it suggests sparkle and sequins. You must keep a fun look and not formal. Pick for a high-low blend like knit sweaters and taffeta skirts or wide trousers with a sequinned top. Complete the look with funky shoes and classy earrings.  

9.  Dinner dates

Do not kill the mood with the same outfit that you wore for a festive celebration with your loved ones. How about trying to put together a look that makes it look like a celebration night out for a special day? Wear a classic and stylish dress with flat slides and a classic purse for a sexy look. You can include meaningful elements to the attire keeping the occasion in mind. If it is an anniversary dinner, wear the wedding earrings with your outfit and if it is just a romantic occasion, show some skin. You can choose any one body part to highlight and it could be the legs, neck, or shoulders. 

10. Outdoor occasions

Planning an attire for an indoor event is much easier than it is for an outdoor occasion. It can get  confusing when you have to pick an outdoor event outfit because of various factors like the location and weather. For a tropical destination or a garden party, you need to choose the right type of fabric and lightweight, flowy silhouettes are the best choice. The best way to choose an attire is to allow nature to be an inspiration. You can opt for botanical accents and floral prints. 

11. Theme parties

With regard to theme parties, you can either love them or loathe them. If you are someone who does not enjoy a theme party, it is best to avoid attending one. But if you feel like joining the fun, you need to put in the minimum effort and at least show some respect for the theme. Even a subtle attempt can make a difference. Get into the details and focus on all the specifics. If you do not know how to go about it, you can ask the host for tips. 

If you are invited to one of these 11 parties, keep the styling tips in mind. At the end of the day, you must feel comfortable in what you are wearing. It is important to enjoy the event and if you are too worried about your attire, you might not be able to make the most of the event. No matter the occasion, look for outfits that feel comfortable and bring out your confidence. If you do not like to experiment or go out of your way to try an outfit, pick the one you feel most confident it.  

Try to focus on the fabric, and accessorize it well. You can rock any event with your confidence and comfort. Some of the outfits mentioned here are a must-have for every wardrobe and if you search your wardrobe well, you will be able to find them easily. Keep the weather and the occasion in mind to pick the right piece from your wardrobe. Remember, you will look your best when you are feeling confident and comfortable from the inside. Make the most of every event with the right outfit and invest in a few accessories that you can use for different outfits and events. You no longer need to spend hours figuring out what to wear for an event.