Hear Us Out: Flameless Candles Are Our New Decor Obsession

Nothing embodies cozy quite like cuddling up with a blanket and a good candle. The enticing aroma and warm, flickering light are ideal for conjuring up feelings of relaxation and setting the ambiance for any occasion. But wax candles are also messy, don’t last long (especially if you’re like us and like to burn them for hours on end), and, most obviously, can be a serious fire hazard. Enter our latest obsession: the flameless candle. 

Also known as the “melt-less” candle, these safe alternatives offer the same zen vibes, but last longer. They’re battery-operated, convenient, kid-safe, pet-safe, and generally worry-free—no lighter required. Plus, thanks to higher-end options, they’re decidedly stylish and convincingly realistic. Use them to decorate a festive tablescape, create a candle-centric centerpiece, or just as a bit of mood lighting. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles so you can select the best type for you. 

From pillars to votives and everything in between, try out these flameless candles in your home. They’re so life-like, we won’t let slip that they’re not real.