Active Gear That Makes You Look Good, Feel Good and Play Good

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There’s having ‘all the gear and no idea’, and then there’s possessing clothing and accessories that truly help you on your journey to becoming your healthiest, happiest self. 

Activewear may be the unofficial brunch uniform of the 21st century, but in addition to being super stylish nowadays, it’s also engineered for performance. Backed by research and scientific expertise, activewear is developed using the latest innovations in modern technology. All in an effort to help you look, do, and feel your best. 

Sure, you need only your body and a little bit of motivation to get started on your fitness journey, but those who workout on the reg will sing praises for the gear that helped them get there. And this editor is no exception.

Having recently embarked on a fitness journey that could accurately be summarised as ‘Couch to 5k’, I’ve come to learn first-hand the importance of tech-centric gear when it comes to reaching your goals — whatever those goals may be. 

Here, I’m sharing with you the very best gear to make you look, feel and play good — no, great. 


A workout feels empowering, but even more so is the ability to understand what’s really going on within your body before, during, and after that morning run. Having a Fitbit means I can do exactly that by accurately tracking my heart rate, blood oxygen levels, distance travelled, exercise done, nutritional intake… even my sleep, stress, and menstruation cycle. Real-time health metrics help me to understand not only the workout, but my body too, and when I’m presented with personalised data around my body’s needs, I’m able to make informed decisions on how to improve my health. 

You may imagine tech as comprehensive as this to look chunky, gadgety, like something out of Spy Kids — but the opposite couldn’t be more true for the all-new Fitbit Luxe. With a sleek, jewellery-like design in a number of on-trend shades with interchangeable accessory bands (my favourite is Lunar White / Soft Gold), this fitness and wellness tracker is, without doubt, the most stylish way to own your ever-evolving wellness journey. Stress management tools, sleep tracking, Sleep Scores and Active Zone Minutes -­ you’ll have it all at your fingertips. And Fitbit Luxe also includes a 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium, which provides users with personalised guidance, insights and in-app content.

The Right Tights

My workouts improved out of sight the moment I realised leggings were not interchangeable between exercise types. And it makes complete sense as to why! A yoga workout requires flexibility, free movement, and an ability to see what’s going on in your body. A run, on the other hand, requires support, temperature control, and secure pockets for your keys. When buying leggings or tights, consider your needs and be sure to read up on the features of that product. 

Under Armour does a great job of this with its huge range of engineered tights that, depending on the collection, can provide extra heat or cooling, breathability, anti-odour technology, moisture wicking, and even added moisture for skin. As someone with extremely dry skin in winter, I’ve been saved in the chillier months by the UA Meridian + Moisture Infuse tights, with fabric embedded with tiny, moisturising microspheres that activate on contact, releasing extracts onto the skin through friction to help replenish lost moisture and keep it there. Perfect for wearers of faux tan (goodbye, patchy knees). 

A Supportive Sports Bra 

Did you know that breasts can bounce as much as 21cm during exercise? The mere thought makes me want to wrap my arms around my chest, but what follows is a compulsion to find the ultimate sports bra — one with killer support. Thankfully, I’ve found The One, or at least one that works for me. 

The Nike Alpha Women’s High-Support Padded Sports Bra provides Nike’s highest level of support with a compressive feel and minimal bounce for a secure fit. Moulded cups shape to your form while the soft fabric, perforation detailing, and open back allows for breathability and airflow. This is a sports bra that somehow becomes more comfortable in time, and both your breasts and your cute outfits will thank you for it when the trainer tells you it’s time to pick up the skipping rope.

Feel good socks

Don’t sleep on socks! Workouts can be tough on all muscle groups, but especially on your feet, which work hard to keep you grounded, aligned, and standing after a particularly gruelling set. You’ll need a really solid pair of sneakers — maybe even a couple, because like tights, shoes are not always interchangeable between exercise types — but socks are not to be forgotten. 

It’s less so about the bells and whistles like compression and padding, and more so about the way they motivate you. For us, it’s all about fun colours, cute prints, and inspiring messages. A current fave is Paire. An Australian brand, Paire’s socks are made from a blend of Merino wool and sustainably sourced cotton. Uber comfy, they’re like a hug to your feet and with a chic little message of ‘Good Feels’ or ‘Feels Good’ adorned on the toes. Even inside your sweaty shoes, you know your socks are rooting for you. 

If looking, feeling, and playing great is important to you, the new Fitbit Luxe might be perfect for you. Fitbit Luxe tracks activity, sleep and more, plus its sleek bracelet design pairs effortlessly with even your most stylish outfit, both in and out of the gym.

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