5 Beauty Trends the Kardashians Popularized and Who *Actually* Deserves the Credit

However, when Kylie Jenner transitioned from skinny teen to buxom bombshell, complete with a not-so-subtle dose of lip filler, her lips became a cultural obsession. They even prompted the #KylieJennerChallenge on social media, encouraging people to use a suction cup (yes, a suction cup) to make their lips appear bigger. Meanwhile, black women have historically been harassed and shunned for their naturally full lips. For instance, in the short documentary, The Colour of Beauty, a modeling agent shares that, “When [a model] comes in with big eyes, big nose, big lips—things that are common traits in African-Americans—it doesn’t work.” He goes on to explain that what the industry is looking for is “White girls that were painted black [with skinny noses and elegant faces]. That’s beauty.” Nope, that’s actually just total B.S.