What Does It Mean to Be Insta-Famous? Just Study These 5 Indie Fashion Brands

If you’re anything like us, Instagram is your one-stop shop for discovering the best new musicians, unearthing beauty hacks, and of course, finding your favorite new fashion brands. With the continued drive away from fast fashion (thanks to increased awareness of sustainable and ethical production), stylish shoppers are turning to independent brands to get their fix. And what better place to find emerging labels from all over the globe than on your very own curated Instagram Discover feed?

As the pandemic forced physical stores to shutter, it provided the perfect opportunity for small, independent brands (which were mostly operating direct-to-consumer) to flourish. Our social calendar may have been on hiatus, but that didn’t stop us from buying outfits for our return to the real world. Below, we round up five brands that gained massive momentum on Instagram over the past year—and a steady slew of celebrity fans too. If they’re good enough for Beyoncé and Bella Hadid, they’re good enough for us.