Blue Ombré Hair Is Back — Channel Kylie Jenner From 2014 With These Blue-tiful Looks

Getty Images

The saying “everything old is new again” is well worn when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. Case in point: Kylie Jenner’s blue ombré locks from 2014 are back in vogue. Jenner’s blue-dipped hair made quite the statement all those years ago and fast forward to 2021, and we’re back on the blue hair train.

Since then, a number of celebrities have also tried their hand at blue hair with both Billie Eilish and Hilary Duff having a brief blue hair period. And, while both Eilish and Duff rocked a full head of blue hair (and both looked super cool), you don’t have to commit to a full dye job to experience the fun of multi-coloured hair.

Recently, blue ombré hair has made a comeback, with Instagram full of blue-haired people. If you’re keen to try the ombré trend for yourself, or you’re simply collecting inspiration for future, we have rounded up ways to get involved in this trend.