Multilingual and Musical, These New Faces Are Ready to Go


Nadia Khaya (@nadia__khaya); 175 cm / 5’9″; Italian/Moroccan from Lakhzazra, Morocco; born December 28th.

Independent Model Management (Milan – mother agency)

— What’s a story your family/friends like to tell about you?
My mom always tells others how as a child I was a tomboy who always played soccer with boys, in fact, she still finds it hard to believe that I’m a model now. 

— One thing people may be surprised to find out about you:
I am a girl who loves to be independent, in fact, despite sometimes finding myself in difficulty, I prefer to do things without the help of others.

— An issue or cause you are passionate about:
A problem that is very close to my heart is poverty and hunger in the world. I hope one day, even if in my own small way, to be able to create something that can guarantee food and a better life to all the needy people who suffer from it.


Daniel Churchill (@daniel_churchill); 187 cm / 6’1.5″; Canadian from Montreal, Quebec; born August 23rd.

Folio Montreal (mother agency)

— What’s your most prized possession and why?
My prized possession is my French Bulldog, King Louis. He basically goes everywhere with me. He spreads cheer and makes me laugh every day.

— What’s a story your family/friends like to tell about you?
When I was very young I had an obsession with guitars. One time when we were vacationing in Mexico my parents bought me a ukulele. Every time there was a mariachi band playing during lunch or dinner I would grab my new instrument, find a spot on the stage (center stage of course) and play with the band for the entire set. I was 2 and thought I was a rockstar. Everyone tolerated my effort and I was named best musician at the resort.

— How did you become a model?
I was out for a walk with my dog one evening and I was approached by a talent scout. She suggested I consider modeling and helped arrange for a meeting with Folio.


Sanya Becker (@sanyabecker); 178 cm / 5’10”; Russian from Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia, Russia; born January 7th.

Direct Scouting (Moscow – mother agency), Fashion Model Management (Milan), Iconic Management (Berlin), Elite LA (Los Angeles) 

— What are three interesting facts about you? 
1. I was born in North Ossetia, so my original nationality is Ossetian.
2. I am a musician, sound producer and artist.
3. I speak 5 languages: Ossetian, Russian, English, French, Italian. 

— Something you are self-conscious about:
I’m self-conscious about my life and my personal feelings. I’m trying to live my best life, to grow every day by learning something new, reading something new and respecting the people around me. 

— The best and worst aspects of your personality:
The best aspect of my personality is that I am hardworking and responsible. The worst – sometimes I can’t see what’s happening around me. 


Musta Samba (@mustasamb); 187 cm / 6’1.5″; Senegalese from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain; born January 26th.

Pop House (Las Palmas de G.C. – mother agency), Sight Management Studio (Barcelona), Modelwerk (Hamburg)

— Who is your favorite entertainer?
Tupac Shakur, rapper. Throughout his career, with the universal message of his letters, great talent and effort he obtained a multitude of followers from different cultures. In addition, with his activism, he set an example to a generation in difficult times in African-American history.

— What is something you wish you knew more about?
Music production. I’d like to have my own recording studio and do my own music projects.

— Who is someone you admire and why?
Alton Mason because of his great journey in the fashion world, his presence in front of the cameras and his example for other young people of our race.


Zhiqing Chen (@dachengtro); 170 cm / 5’7″; Chinese from Chengdu, China; born February 21st.

MNG Models Management (Guangzhou – mother agency)

— What are three interesting facts about you? 
1. I like to tell lame jokes, even though no one thinks it’s funny, LOL.
2. I love painting aimlessly, just recording the sparkles which suddenly show up in my mind.
3. I always absorb the world with the fresh eyes of an adventurer, so that I’m crazy about trying something new

— The most interesting thing about your family:
My family are big fans of doing yoga, we have a gathering every week to do yoga together. It really makes us feel close to each other.

— One thing you never want to do again:
Visit Shanghai Disney Land. To be honest, I am a fan of Disney, but Shanghai Disney Land always has millions of people who are squashed together like sardines in a tin. 


Woojin (Albert) Jung (@woo__jick); 183 cm / 6’0″; South Korean from Suwon, Republic of Korea; born September 30th.

EVER Models (Seoul – mother agency)

— What are three interesting facts about you? 
1. If there’s anything that I want to do, I do it before any consideration. I think it’s much more valuable to have regret after I do something than to have regret from not doing it.
2. I am good at bungee jumping, climbing and skydiving. I love high places and I don’t really get scared. Just like I go climbing high mountains, I want to climb to the top of the modeling world.
3. I learn languages very fast. I didn’t study English before I became a model but since I became a model (and my booker told me to learn English) I have had a lot of opportunities to talk with models and clients from different countries. I can communicate with foreign people in English and it took only 2 months! Now I’m learning Russian and Italian.

— Who is your favorite entertainer?
Keanu Reeves. After I watched his movie “John Wick” I fell in love with him, especially his professionalism as an actor… but also I really love that he takes the subway and chats with people even though he is a really big star. I also want to be famous like him and want to have similar professionalism and an open mind to everyone.

— How did you become a model?
My high school P.E. teacher had worked at a model agency previously and recommended that I become a model.