The Best Period-Proof Tights to Wear For Worry-Free Exercise

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While period-proof undies have become the norm as an environmentally friendly way to deal with your period each month, in recent years, this technology has popped up in other garments — namely, period leggings. Just as period briefs provide protection at that time of the month, so do period tights.

Exercising with your period can sometimes feel a little dicey — no one wants to deal with leaking while at the gym — the invention of period leggings makes this whole situation much less stressful. The addition of an absorbent layer within the tights means you can go underwear free while working out or layer up with a tampon, cup, tampon or period undies for added protection.

Recently, Adidas revealed its very own period-proof leggings, bringing this style of activewear firmly into the mainstream. By increasing accessibility to a product like period leggings, it allows people who menstruate to continue about their daily lives without having to change their routine when their period arrives.

If you’re keen to grab a pair of period-proof leggings for yourself, look no further than these five styles, which are some of the best on the market.