The 18 Best Red Nail Polishes for the Glamour Girl In All of Us

There is nothing more classic than red nail polish. Like the LBD and pearl earrings, it never goes out of style. It’s the color that royals first painted on their fingernails in ancient China and Egypt. It’s the color that American women wore during World War II to hold down the home front. It’s the color that makeup enthusiasts turn to again and again. Why? Because it’s timeless.

Red nail polish is classy and elegant, but it’s also sexy and youthful. It’s playful and fun, yet a powerful color that shows you mean business. Yes, these descriptions are contradictory, but that’s what makes red polish so long-lasting. It can mean anything to anyone. As summer takes off and we shed the cloaks of covid, it’s time to paint a fresh coat of red on our nails. Find your new favorite shade below.