Is This Cool Gen Z Brand Worth It? Our Interns Sound Off

You’ve spotted With Jéan on your favorite IG girls—or, maybe, you’re already an avid fan. Though the daring, youthful label may not be up there with the likes of luxury designers like Prada or Louis Vuitton, the latest collection has earned the brand a firm seat at the high-fashion table. How do we know? Our fashionable interns have insisted to us that With Jéan’s Morphology collection will be some of summer’s most-worn pieces. And when our interns insist, we listen.

Aussie label With Jéan has made an impression on our trustworthy interns, business-grad Chelsea Onyeokeziri, 22, and communications major Nicole Chwatt, 25. So, they brought it to the attention of our editors. “For those who love fun and bold prints, this collection has some absolutely gorgeous pieces” says Chelsea, the maximalist. Nikki, the self-proclaimed minimalist, adds, “Although I’m a minimalist, there are definitely pieces in the collection that stand out to me.” If Editorialist’s interns swear this is the ultimate collection for everyone, it simply must be true.